Saturday, 31 December 2016

Buy a horro Home and raise your money...

The horror house can fulfil your desire to raise the money.

 “But we have been” I hear you cry. “Even the renovator’s delights are hard to get.”

“But I don’t speak of the kind of properties that need a new floor or a lick of paint.”

If you are really looking out for one then I must tell you that in some of the nation’s the cooler markets, ramshackle properties render enough of the visual deterrent to sell for a discount price.

These are the some much hidden parts of Australia, where it is very hard to offload even the relatively a nice and beautiful home. You may find the necks of the woods, where home stylists can truly still make half a crust giving your home a handy makeover. It is literally fine, if you are buying at those places; you still can have the modicum of power.

The most important point is that that it is opposite in the hotter markets. You may also encounter the some people in these areas, who won’t even bother of taking out the garbage for open houses. Right now, in the markets, the situation of the buyers is quite desperate. Buying such a property is like a vying with approx 100 others for a single stool in a game of musical chairs.

Well, I know it was a bit ghostly talk but I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year as this year is going to end. So, enjoy folks and invest somewhere, where you can find more interest.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

The top most beautiful places of Melbourne...

Hey Folks,
I am here again with the list of some beautiful places of the fantastic Melbourne. Here, I am goanna tell you about some places that you should never ever forget, when it comes to Melbourne.

For the Cricket lovers, the Cricket Ground- if you are a real lover of Cricket then you must not forget to visit the Cricket Stadium of Melbourne, which is quite historic and it is a greatest stadium. Most of matches takes place in this stadium, so you should visit this place at once, whenever you visit Melbourne.

Southbank and Arts Centre Melbourne-
This place is located on the banks of the beautiful Yarra River. This area is fascinating and culturally, it’s rich enough to attraction the visitors. The Southbank promenade is sp good and it’s already filled with indoor/outdoor caf├ęs, restaurants, and live entertainment, which is so amazing that you feel that you have an open market. For the art lovers an amazing arts and crafts market is held on every Sunday, and this area is also a beautiful home of so many festivals that held up throughout the year.

Eureka Tower

This tower is named in the recognition of The Eureka Stockade, who was the 1854 rebellion of prospectors in the Victorian goldfields. The most fascinating point of the tower is that that this tower stands 91 stories above the ground. The skyscraper's gold crown and also the gold-plated windows, simply makes this tower look beautiful and literally sparkling, when the sunbeam reaches the building.
So, this is it. Next time I will be back with some more places and you will love to visit those places as well.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Do you wish to have a house that satisfies the term Charm? If, yes then there is a Charming early 1900s cottage

Do you wish to have a house that truly satisfies the term charm and if, yes then I would suggest that the 1900s house can do this for you all. There is an original early 1900s cottage available still with the period fireplaces and well decorated with the decorative ceilings set. And this cottage will be auctioned this weekend in the Baulkham Hills.
The cottage has four-bedrooms and it is located at 84 Old Northern Rd and it has been partially or can say fully renovated with some new exterior paint.
There is an agent named Ray Fayed from Laing and Simmons Parramatta said, “the home, which has a local heritage listing and zoned R3, could either be used as a residential or commercial property”.
“It is quite flexible,’’ he added.
“It has attracted a good mix of interest from those wanting to live there and also businesses including law firms, chiropractors and medical practitioners.’’ he further added.
This weatherboard residence that established on the 746sqm block has a veranda with some French doors. Don’t think that it has lost its originality as it retains the original skirting boards, the picture rails and the beautiful and warmed fireplaces.
The property will be auctioned very soon on the site on this Saturday at 3pm.
So, what’s your plan? Do you want to go for it?

Saturday, 10 December 2016

How the Toorak property offers value for money?

The TOORAK real estate has enough overtones associated with it, but recently the new figures of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria are such that it has revealed a new one which is value for money.

The REIV figures showed that the Melbourne’s priciest postcode in which the median house price now sits at $4 million, was one and only the ranked the city’s tenth priciest patch per square metre.

At $7,255 per square metre the suburb, which was much more convenient and affordable than the South Melbourne, where a $1.6 million median house price was just amazing as it worked out to about $11,212 per square metre, or even Albert Park which had the $10,495 per square metre in the price tag.

The Carlton North, St Kilda East and Fitzroy just rounded out the Melbourne’s top five one, with the prices was per square metre and in between $9717 and $9966.

The only suburb other than Toorak to which was there to hit the list in Stonnington was the South Yarra, where a $1.78 million house indeed worked out to $7451 per square metre.

The REIV president Geoff White said that the demand for the suburbs is walking a distance to the CBD, and for those in the city’s inner south had just propelled the number of them up in the list.

“Greater demand for space within walking distance of the city has really pushed up the price of land in these areas, while many of Melbourne’s most exclusive suburbs were further down the list due to the size and scale of houses in these locations,” Mr White told.

“Many of the city’s most expensive suburbs by square metre were located in the city’s south east, including St Kilda East and South Yarra — with these areas benefiting from quality amenities and night-life.” he further added.

Now, what you all think about the price?

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Most Beautiful Places of Melbourne

When talking about the most beautiful cities of Australia, the one located on the banks of the Yarra River, and near the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is a modern and one of the beautiful metropolises steeped in history. The European settlement started in 1935; however the discovery of gold in 1851 saw a population boom with many prospectors settling in Melbourne. As the vast wealth was generated, due to which in the city you will find majestic constructed city. So, here are the 2 beautiful places of the city that you would love to visit-

1- Federation Square

When this beautiful Federation Square was opened in the year 2002 to commemorate the 100 years of federation, it divided Melbournians. Actually, there were two people, one who loved it and other one who hated it. In the either way, it has become an integral part of the city and a great place for the tourists to visit. The amazing ultra-modern design of open and closed spaces juxtaposes the surrounding Victorian architectural buildings.

2-Royal Botanic Gardens

This amazing garden covers an area of 40 hectares and it owns more than 50,000 plants, including many rare species, the gardens are visited by about 1.5 million people annually. The awesome Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden is mainly designed to encourage the next generation of gardeners and the Aboriginal Heritage Walk, which is a popular tour that looks into the rich heritage of indigenous Australians.

So, whenever you head towards Melbourne don't forget to visit these two amazing places of the city.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Australia And It's Real Beauty

Do you want to feel lost in the wonderful beauty of nature? Have you ever wonder about Australia’s Great Ocean Road? Never; let me give an overture of the very natural and Worthing place that anyone would love to visit.

It’s nothing else but the Australia’s Great Ocean Road. If you like to take in breath taking sights of long sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs on this place, then a full-day would be also very less to recognize this place and to take the zest of this area.  

Now, the question will click in the mind of many, what extra this place renders us?

You get full chance of exploring the natural wonders of Australia’s Great Ocean Road, which is just like awesome. I mean, I don’t have the words to define this place; guess my words are not strong enough to speak about the beauty of this place.

Apart from the beauty of nature, you can take a walk at Kennett River, one of the best places to spot koalas in the wild. You also get the chance to admire rock formations including the Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell National Park, which is just amazing.

It’s my personal experience about the Australia’s Great Ocean Road, that you don’t feel unsatisfied ever. You may also feel more closeness to yourself and with the nature. This place binds you with itself so much, that you even don’t wish leave it. It’s the true example of natural beauty. It’s the other heart of Australia, which reflects the more preciseness in it.   

Friday, 18 November 2016

The beautiful dream to have a house in Australia, near the beach.

If someone really wants to have the zest of the sunrise and sunset, the best place see these things in more vivid way is to see it from the beach; the sounds of the waves lapping the shore soothing you to sleep, morning walks along the sand and sunny late-afternoon swims before dinner – it’s an unbelievable way of lifestyle, which refreshes the mood of any person.
Just in time for the summer, here are Australia’s 3 most drool-worthy beach houses in the market right now:-


Sitting on the banks of the Mooloolah river on the Sunshine Coast it’s not technically a beach house.
Anyone can enjoy the nature's beauty as this house is almost 30m of river frontage.
There are five bedrooms, two bathrooms across two levels, a pool and a gated security entrance make this place a pretty special home.
2- Whitsundays-
It looks like it could be called as the pure palace of luxury. This mind-blowing and amazing mansion is probably the Australia’s most opulent beach house on the market at the moment.

A private helipad is only the beginning of the list of luxuries of this rare private beach-fronted Mediterranean-style property.
The astounding views of the coral sea and surrounding islands can be enjoyed from its six king-sized bedrooms.
3- Tamarama:-
If actually wants to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Bondi, Tamarama boasts some of Australia’s priciest real estate.

This house is with four bedrooms and 180-degree views of the Pacific Ocean this luxurious four level property is the ultimate for beach living. Enjoyment with peace can be considered as the second name of this place.
Anyone can call these places as the few heavenly places in Australia.