Thursday, 30 June 2016

Melbourne’s Low Performance in June Housing Auctions

Consecutively one more year the home auction in Melbourne real estate market lost its pace coming towards the arrival of the winter making this the second year for such result. If we compare this year and the previous year the results look worse this year.

On the other hand, if only June auctions are compared, the week before broke the records for June auctions with respect to property listing numbers. Unfortunately, now since the school holidays have begun, auctions are very unlikely to gain pace even in the regional market.

Talking about the extremities, the highest paid property was auctioned up to over 3 million dollars while the lower limit goes down to 250 thousand dollars. The median rate this year was 760 which is better than that in last year for same weekends. The overall auction money goes over 350 million.
If we try to find out the reason for the low result, evident and strong ones would be a large number of June auctions and of course the school holidays at the end of the month. However, there has been quite an uproar by the famous “Brexit” event, in addition to a lot of property still left for auction in Melbourne and a large number migrations this year, the result is least probable to gain any pace. It can be said that Melbourne real estate market is to be on a pause for some time. Though one event that still has the potential to change things are the federal elections.
Let’s wait for the results to know more. Till then for more updates on real estate, keep visiting Steven Macaw’s blog. 

Effects of Negative Gearing on the Australian Real Estate Market

Federal elections are round the corner and we are discussing their effect on the Australian economy and thus the real estate market. 

Real estate market has majorly supported the Australian economy. As the negative gearing over the Labor’s policy is being discussed, the word is, it is to be a dangerous step for the Australian economy. According to experts, the property market in Australia is a major reliable source that distracts the attention from investment on resources and provides more employment than mining. In such times, if the Australian Dollar gets weaker, it may attract a lot of investment but is for the time being.
If we go with the numbers, then right now over a million people are employed in the property market meaning almost every eighth Australian employee is engaged in some or the other role in the Real Estate market. Hence, an adverse effect on the market will directly or indirectly affect every Australian.  Even in terms of GDP, the scene doesn’t seem very good.
Thus, if experts are concerned, it is highly recommended for voters to vote against the negative gearing incoming federal elections. If we talk about real estate markets in Sydney and Melbourne, it is believed that the price affordability there highly depends on the conclusion of the elections and the decision for negative gearing.

So overall, the scene for the real estate market in Australia is essentially dependent on what turn the election takes. For more updates on this issue or any other issue related to real estate keep visiting Steven Macaw’s blog

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Quality Real Estate, Auctions and Melbourne

Melbourne is having a party time in its real estate market. The low-supply suburbs and their A-grade houses are attracting a lot of buyers. Properties that are renovated or good to go after renovation are catching most buyers’ interest. Even though issues such as Brexit referendum or the federal elections are lurking around, yet the one point that supersedes these negative is the availability of good property in greater abundance as compared to northern continents. As a result, Buyers who should be hesitating are zealously taking part in the auctions. As a matter of fact, Melbourne’s real estate is so raging that it is getting difficult for quality property to match with the bidders.

All this is due to a number of factors. The cost of borrowing is currently low and a number of good properties is decreasing rapidly. Other reasons going in favour of Melbourne’s hot real estate market are the owners and occupiers who are all determined to buy the house properties costing a million or less. Adding to all this, it is also being anticipated that the later part of June to the month of August is a period that may experience a low pace or halt in the listings. According to the crystal ball reading by the experts, due to vacations, which are about to start in the end week of June, the auctions are likely to lose pace for some period after that.
So, if the Melbourne Real Estate market is where you are thinking of investing in, now is the best time. For more updates on Real Estate matters, stay tuned to Steven Macaw’s blog.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

An Answer to Your Real Estate Questions: Steven Macaw

Real Estate Market has its own risks, a great deal of them indeed. Your property can bring you a fortune but may also end you up in debt. But that said, real estate market is having its good times. More and more investors are trying their luck in the market every day. And this has given rise to a whole new field where people are dedicated to help you planning your investment intelligently.

But in times of internet when everything is just one click away, people would prefer someone providing the information regarding real estate market, on their laptops. And voila! Steven Macaw is at your service. Steven is a real estate blogger from Melbourne who provides you with information related to real estate matters. With the help of his active presence on social platforms like facebook, Pinterest, WordPress etc, Steven posts a lot of content related to issues circling around real estate. His posts include news and articles related to real-estate properties, investment etc. along with some motivational quotes every now and then.

Due to his vast social network over the internet makes he is the right choice for consultation regarding real estate matters. The blogger from Melbourne will keep you posted about new policies from around the world or and will also provide you with articles related to walkthroughs for planning your investments in the real estate market. Steven Macaw is a name, new investors can look for guidance and the old ones can seek for new updates in the market.