Sunday, 28 August 2016

Melbourne : 5 things that everyone should do

Going to Melbourne? You dropped at the right place. Check out these 5 while you make a list for all see-dos in the city

Check out Phillip Island: Penguins, Koalas, and Kangaroos
Ever seen a penguin live? Many haven’t. Visit the habitat island, Phillip Island and experience the wildlife in full swing. With koalas and fur seals, the trip to the island is one of its kind.And while the sun goes down, inspect our flappy friends as they put up the nightly Penguin Parade.

Puff and cough with Puffing Billy Steam Train around Dandenong Ranges
Billy is a century-old train that wheels through the scenic Dandenong Ranges, Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary or the Yarra Valley depending on the tour. It is a major tourist attraction driven by an authentic steam engine, grab a window seat to enjoy nature at its best, though, you’ll end up a little sooty.

Take a Great Ocean Road Trip
A seasonal tour of Australia's most scenic drive, this trip will give you goose bumps with the sheer intensity of the view. Closed in winters due to low light, this magnificent route from Torquay to Port Campbell will cloud your eyes whenever you look back to Melbourne.

Prance at the Eureka Skydeck
Eureka Skydeck is the best point of view to watch Melbourne from. While you face the world on this 297 meters tall tower, feel vertigo as you step on glass cube that puts you outside the building and above the world. Nominally priced at AU $20, have a time of your life.

Shop till you drop
Famous for its lifestyle, Melbourne plays host with a number of local designers and boutiques. Change your outlook as you step into Australia’s Shopping Capital and its talents
 Melbourne is a city of delight, indulgence, and life. While there, try a hand to change your view to life.

Monday, 22 August 2016

How Email Marketing Roles in Real Estate

Email marketing is one of the best ways to boost your brand campaign and secure new business. Even if your lead list is little, sending emails can bring huge returns. If you want to get leads traffic to your site, reading your blogs, and conversing with you, you are hard-pressed to find another real estate marketing strategy that is as effective.

5 kinds of emails you need to deliver to your leads-

·       Newsletter –The purpose of a newsletter is to share recent updates and news with your prospects, like your opinion on the latest housing data and remain top of mind with them.

·       Digests - Digest focus on sharing the most important and relevant links in a quicker and little more digestible manner.

·       Promotional emails - Other types of email can be used to nourish leads through the sales channel, like promotional emails. For example, if you have a local market report that sellers and buyers will find helpful with their property making a decision, offer it to them through email.

·       Special emails - Even if it is not closely related to your business, you can still take advantage of the popularity of a social trend or special day. For example a major event, a holiday-themed message, or comment on a latest social trend.

·       Transactional emails - This email is unforeseen upon sending the ones above. For instance, if a lead registers for your newsletters to take an action on your website, or requests information of some sort, send him a transactional email. Show your prospect you appreciate his engagement.

The key to email marketing to bring in potential leads lies in learning the strategies and basic types you require to send your real estate leads.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Sydney Night-Time Proposal

The so-called “small-bars” in Sydney are not too far from getting bigger. As per the new the proposal that is sure to enliven the night-time in the city, the state government may come up with something good for these bars. In a review submission by the state government for liquor laws in small bars, the occupancy of these bars is being pushed to double. Moreover, attempts are also being made to increase the hours from midnight to 2 am. The motivation behind this is to stimulate more contribution from these bars to comprise in what is called the “night-time economy” by increasing their number. More bars offering more live music means more money.

As per the current scenario, the live music, and performances in these small bars has been a challenge, especially when it comes to licensing and late night upper limits. Another addition that is being enthusiastically considered for the new law is to expand the allowable number of people in these bars.

A very few number of total bars in the city have the small bar license. In fact, the small venues are opting for restaurants or as far as general bars to run. All this and other considerations on the bar laws as well as the liquor laws are expected to be considered in the council elections that will be held next month. In fact, it is believed that low-cost small bar license of 2013 has helped to reduce alcohol-related violence and other anti -social elements increasing the investment in the smaller bars.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Buying a Property: 3 Mistakes You’d Like to Avoid

Buying a home is a great decision that not only needs a lot of money but a lot and lots of thinking. Here are a few points to be aware of before saying yes for a property:

Pay the Down payment

The seller might offer you a low to no down payment for the property which might come as good news to you until you know what’s actually coming. Low down payment means you need to pay for what is called the Private Mortgage Insurance. And added to your monthly payment, this might get really heavy on your wallet.

Explore Mortgage Types

A standard 30-year fixed rate mortgage seems to be light on your account balance but due to the low monthly payment you need to make. But considering that you need to make that payment for a long time tells you that you’re going to pay a lot of unnecessary money that you could’ve avoided by opting for a shorter term yet affordable plan that would cost you less in the long run. For e.g. a 15-year mortgage instead of the 30 years one might be a good option.

MoreAbout Mortgage Options

Choosing the first option that comes to you isn’t a smart move. In fact, exploring a bit on mortgages will let you know about more suitable plans that include lower interest rates. Based on your constraints and requirements you might find a convenient mortgage from a surprisingly large range.

Thus, overlooking small yet considerable mistakes might end you up in a bad deal. For more information, keep visiting Steve Macaw’s Blog

Friday, 5 August 2016

Most visited places in Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and is often called Marvelous Melbourne in 1850s. It is located on the banks of River Yarra near Port Phillip Bay. The gold rush in 1851 saw a huge population with bright prospectors. Many majestic constructions were made with the wealth that popped up from the goldfields nearby. This city is considered having more of Victorian architectures than any other cities in Australia.

Places that you must visit while in Melbourne:
·      Queen Victoria Market It is situated in Queen and Victoria streets in Melbourne. Apart from food, the stalls sell clothing, toys, art and unique souvenirs. During summer night markets, functions and music concerts are held.
·       Federation SquareIt is situated at Corner Swanston and Flinders street. It has Ian Potter Gallery devoted to Australian art and Australian Centre for the Moving Image. It hosts more than 2000 events annually.
·       Royal Botanic GardensIt is situated in Bird wood Avenue at South Yarra. It is rated as one of the finest gardens in the world. During summer, live theater and moonlight cinema below the stars is the attraction of this garden.
·       Melbourne cricket ground It is situated in Brunton Avenue in east Melbourne. It is one of the world’s greatest stadiums. It is the stadium of- 1956 Olympic Games, the birth of Test Cricket, 2006 Commonwealth Games and the house of Australian Rules football.

Melbourne is energetic, multicultural and polished. From rambling secluded lanes and streets to the acres of parklands and gardens, it is a city visited in all seasons.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How to Hire Professional Movers Economically?

One thing that comes as a real pain for your new house is shifting to it from the old one. That is why people hire movers. But hiring a mover might as well be a load on your budget. So, here are some tips for hiring a good mover without compromising with your wallet:

1.      Good Reputation
In the case of movers, a reputed company with a positive review is the one you should always go for. Check for the reviews on online, enquire with your friends who have recently moved and look for authorization and guarantee of quality.

2.      Let them “Move” only
Most of the well-known moving firms provide extra services like packing for customer satisfaction. However the services are reliable, it’s a wise and as well as economical choice to let them just move the stuff and do everything else on your own.

3.      Less the Luggage More the Savings
 Make the moving stuff minimal. Shift only with the stuff you will actually need or won’t find in the new house. You can not only save from this but make some money by selling the unwanted stuff.

4.      Choose the right Timing
Calling for the movers during peak times might fall heavy on your wallet. Like the summer holiday time is worse for moving as most of the people are willing to move during the same time and hence you need more cash.

5.       Re-Read that Contract
Check for any hidden expenses.Don’t hesitate in confirming things with the concerned people form the moving firm.

So, hiring professional movers is smart but hiring them economically is smarter.