Friday, 21 October 2016


There are not many industries left which are deprived of the introduction of apps. They help is efficient and easy working. These tools are also valuable for brokers, buyers, sellers, home owners, even investors — anyone involved in real estate. List of some app are as follows:

1.     ZILLOW

Zillow is a multi-use platform, chiefly used for property search. With a number of robust search filters and additional features (mortgage calculators, access to “hidden” inventory, property estimates), the site offers a good overview of the real estate market and available properties. Many listings include MLS  numbers in order to ease your search.


Google Maps is a must-have app for every real estate agent. When clients are ready to visit a list of potential properties, Google Maps is an essential tool in your pocket, guiding you to the address.


Mortgage Calculator is a easy-to-use tool that helps you understand the repayment requirements a mortgage will require. Mortgage Calculator factors in a number of important parameters to provide the most accurate results, and tells you what your monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payments will be as well as your future payoff date.

Sitegeist is one of those apps that can have a massive amount of uses depending on what you need to know. Wherever you are, it instantaneously provides interesting data about the surrounding area: average age of residents, political contributions, average temperature, commuting trends, and popular nearby places. Sitegeist may just provide the facts your clients are interested in knowing about each spot they visit.

5.     VERT

Vert is an “anything and everything” translation tool. Real estate agents deal with diverse metrics: size, weight, volume, length, and sometimes even currency. Vert turns your smartphone into an all-in-one converter that fits in your pocket!

6.     REFRESH

This app can be very helpful with your each day interactions. It works by involving everything from your social networks, contacts, calendar and more to bring in the big picture of who you are meeting with, by delivering you insights before each meeting. Or maybe you just want to know more about someone, search their name to locate background information, etc. It’s like searching through multiple social media profiles all from one simple app!!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Real Estate Market: Getting the BeginnersReady

Easy cash flow, tax savings and lot of such attractive perks make Real Estate an alluring market for new investors. But as irresistible as it looks stepping into the property market does need some discipline to avoid potential risks. So, if you are planning to set foot in this domain, here are a few points you need to keep in mind:

Beware! If you’re looking for quick money, real estate market might disappoint you heavily. However less frequent but there still are ups and downs in this market as well. Hurrying up things may cost you fortune a pay you nothing. A little patient will not only earn you money but knowledge as well.

Back to Homework
Your friend told you about the perks of the property dealing and next day you jumped in with him, this story might not have a happy ending. If you’re really willing to be a part of property market you need to do a great deal of homework to have a good knowledge base. This will give you an initial idea about where exactly you are going and also let you understand the language they speak there.

Make Connections
Your friend, your relative or your relatives friend, connect with more and more people who are a part of the real estate business. The more connections you have, the more prepared you are. After all, no book can enlighten you more than a true experience.

These are some important factors to keep in mind while entering the real estate market. For more updates keep following us.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Melbourne Housing Market Not to Cool off any time soon

Melbourne Housing Market Not to Cool off any time soon
Cooling down to a lower degree is one thing and heating up at a very slow rate is other. But the current situation in Melbourne seems to be confusing the two. Currently in Melbourne the prices as well as credit growth for housing are nowhere near to come down and are, in fact, just rising slowly to seem comfortable enough. The first home buyers in the city going through the daily headache of roaming around from one auction to other in search of an affordable property know the situation best.
Cities like Perth or some units in Melbourne itself might be having some sort of decrease in the prices but that isn’t enough to generalize the situation. The Australian East Coast area as a whole is, in fact, facing a noticeable rise in the market.
If experts are to be believed, even Sydney may seem to survive the situation for a year or so. Melbourne on the contrary seems to have a lot of difficulty in providing the supply to meet the demand. And the problem doesn’t seem to go away in coming few years. There might be a very small fraction of the buyers who are looking for a better location for homes but the price pressure still persists.

As a matter of fact, almost the whole Australian Real Estate Market is facing major pricing and affordability challenges and the government is expected to get ahead of the game and provide some immediate schemes to handle the situation. For more information and updates on Real Estate, keep following us.