Monday, 26 September 2016

5 great places for high tea in Melbourne

Tea lovers want to have this list inked onto their palms or import into their mobiles for quick reference. It is basically a guide to decadence and deliciousness in beautiful Melbourne.

If you want the very best in High Tea then do visit these places:

·       The Windsor –This place is described in one as unforgettable. High Tea at The Windsor includes beginning with a glass of French sparkling and dinners like aristocrats on perfect ribbon sandwiches and a wickedly fond dessert selection.

·       Hopetoun Tea Rooms – It is in Melbourne’s absorbing 19th century Block Arcade, Hopetoun Tea Rooms serves lamington slices along with delicious high tea and pinwheel sandwiches.

·       Takeaway High Tea - Le Petite Gateau presents a great array of cakes including a divine looking Passionfruit Chocolate Gateau, special tarts, and a brilliant hazelnut praline mud cake to go with your own home grew High tea.

·       Park Hyatt - The Park Hyatt offers afternoon tea in which includes tea, scones with vanilla Chantilly and jam, sparkling wine, alluring finger sandwiches and pastries and petit fours.

·       Madame Brussels -Simply drop in here for afternoon tea. The menu incorporate items like French cheese plates, chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows and sponge lemon cupcakes with hot pink butter icing. Madame Brussels is charmingly located on level 3 at 59-63 Bourke Street.

There is one thing or the other on this list for all. High Tea is one of the most amiable ways to utilize a leisurely afternoon with friends.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

5 reasons why travellers love Melbourne

Melbourne is by far the best city in the world. I don’t proclaim so, the world does. To think that living there is awesome, wouldn’t it be a hundred time more awesome while traveling? After years of travel, it will only be Melbourne which will still be imprinted in your mind, beckoning to you to visit again. And now it’s time to realize why check out for yourself:

For its unstoppable Nightlife
The city at night lighting up the buildings each night, leaving a lot to wonder aloud on. The city is comparatively safer than others so it doesn't matter when you visit the party houses, you’re safe.Eat, drink and indulge in a crowd so infectious that it can only be found in Melbourne.

For its refreshing Days

Melbourne is tourist friendly. With a lot to do, a lot to see, a lot to eat and lot to learn, you travel back in time with the beautiful monuments and travel for free through the CBD. As you ride past landmarks and attractions you can listen to the commentary. You don’t need to look for a guide at all.See the landmarks like the Parliament House, the Princess Theatre, the Docklands and theFederation Square. Make your way through the beautiful laneways and lose yourself in them, mind you they are hell lotta clean that you could expect.

For its dynamic Culture

It is the culture in Melbourne that makes people fall in love with this city. Name it and you get it type of culture, it’s highly unlikely to be disappointed with anything from Asian, to Africans,  Middle-Eastern, Europe’s finest, to old-school American diners, Melbourne can cater to all. The sports fanaticism is just the ingredient for a memorable holiday.

For its Family Friendliness

Even if you bring the little ones and the not so little ones on holiday to Melbourne, the city can keep them entertained. Melbourne Zoo, Theme parks, Hot air Balloon rides, fun can never be far from Melbourne, even for families. Wives can go gaga for a shopping spree and husbands can literally swim in the finest drinks in the most sought after pubs.

For its Wineries

Melbourne is the home to world’s finest wines. The Winebus Winery Tour takes you and your taste buds for a real taste of Melbourne. With a lot of wineries in the immediate area, it’s the Yarra Valley that takes the cake. Stop for a delicious gourmet lunch en route, and treat yourself while tasting various vintages.

Melbourne is the city of dreams and a prance through the city isn’t enough. People either never stop coming back, or keep revisiting Melbourne in the solace of their memories,

Thursday, 15 September 2016

5 reasons investing in commercial property might be a bad idea

Investing in commercial buildings is slightly messier and riskier than investing in residential real-estate. There are so many things like additional laws, legal requirements, and in-depth knowledge that make commercial real estate more difficult to handle.
There are certain reasons that make commercial properties so difficult to manage:

·       Commercial buildings are conscious to economic conditions - Commercial buildings are far conscious to a changing financial climate. When the economy takes a downturn, people will always require a roof above their head. But this cannot be said about commercial buildings. When the economy is good, the demand and the cost of commercial property go up. But, when the economy is strong on a national scale, local economic up-downs play a vital part.
·       Estimating commercial properties are difficult – In commercial buildings, it is tough to compare two properties. Many factors affect the value of these buildings. Also, it is difficult to search resembling properties that have been rented out recently.
·       Finding tenants is time-consuming - Once vacant, commercial properties usually take much longer time to find tenants. Since these properties are rented out for business purposes, it has a pretty huge effect on the cash flow.
·       Old commercial buildings are a threat to new and upgraded ones - Tenants always search for furnished office spaces. And as new buildings pop up, the risk of vacancy to older properties rises which may mean more costs.
·       Financing a commercial building is difficult – The loan amount of commercial buildings will be amortized for less than thirty years and mostly follows a balloon payment mode. Added to this fact commercial building is generally more costly to purchase, and things get tougher.

These risks in commercial property investment are not there with residential property investment.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Best beaches in Melbourne

Best beaches in Melbourne
Melbourne city is the best city to live in, I don't say that the world does. Top restaurants, the best coffee and the base to many prestigious wines, Melbourne is famous for its stellar properties and pristine beaches, a blogger's paradise Find some of the best beaches in Melbourne here.

St Kilda
Melbourne’s most famous beach, St Kilda is only 6 km from the main city. This sunspot is full all year round and is well known for Luna Park events and lip smacking food.

Half Moon Bay, Black Rock
This crescent shaped beach is the local attraction for its deep boating and swimming areas. Perfect for watching the sea blues and golden of the sun. Half an hour from CBD, spend a good old fishing day here.

Mothers Beach
A safe, shallow water spot, Mothers Beach is lovely for families looking for uninhibited fun. Picnics, BBQs, and games, find them all on the set. A 60 minutes drive from Melbourne center will land you here in the arms of Mother's Beach.

Williamstown Beach
Williamstown is a semi-circular beach, that means it's surrounded on the three sides with water. It will take you quarter of an hour from Melbourne’s CBD to reach here and is so worth it for the stalls and stuff at Nelson's. Spot the towering landmarks of the Melbourne city while you gaze off into the horizon.

A little far from the main city, Sorrento is famous for its clear water rock  pools, and host to any kind of jetty under the sun. It takes around one and a half hours to reach Sorrento but watching the brown, green and blue create a vibrant buzz is a prize big enough.

Melbourne is diverse and unparalleled. The seasons never matter when it comes to fun, happiness, and life. Now it's time to grab a bottle of sunscreen and dig toes in the sand.