Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Real Estate or Gold: Make a Choice

Save for Rainy Day is a wisely said old story and we can’t deny this fact. Saving money comes with an interesting name called INVESTMENT. But when it comes to investment, is how to decide between gold and real estate, let’s see:

HIGHS AND LOWS IN PRICE- Real Estate has its highs and lows according to the market and time. Price of  land increases or decreases day by day .Gold also has this fact but not at that high level and it retains its price after some time So gold investment will be much secure than the real estate.

MAINTENANCE COST- When we invest our money in real estate, it is not the only one time investment. We have to take care of our property because it needs the proper maintenance after some time. So it will not give us that much profit as we want. Gold has zero maintenance cost. It is only one time investment in bank or any other place and you will get back it without any extra cost or great profit.

CURRENCY DEVALUATIONS -Gold has same price in all countries. It is not depend upon the currency of that country so it will be the best investment of money buyback with profit after a period of time. Land has its price according to city or country so it can be decrease or increase according to the market value.

SAFETY BY YOUR OWN –Gold can save you against the uncontrolled action of GOVERNMENT. You can protect your portfolio in any economic crisis. It is a automatically save investment apart from that in real estate you have to pay a security guard to protect your property. It will be loss of your profit.

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