Saturday, 24 December 2016

The top most beautiful places of Melbourne...

Hey Folks,
I am here again with the list of some beautiful places of the fantastic Melbourne. Here, I am goanna tell you about some places that you should never ever forget, when it comes to Melbourne.

For the Cricket lovers, the Cricket Ground- if you are a real lover of Cricket then you must not forget to visit the Cricket Stadium of Melbourne, which is quite historic and it is a greatest stadium. Most of matches takes place in this stadium, so you should visit this place at once, whenever you visit Melbourne.

Southbank and Arts Centre Melbourne-
This place is located on the banks of the beautiful Yarra River. This area is fascinating and culturally, it’s rich enough to attraction the visitors. The Southbank promenade is sp good and it’s already filled with indoor/outdoor caf├ęs, restaurants, and live entertainment, which is so amazing that you feel that you have an open market. For the art lovers an amazing arts and crafts market is held on every Sunday, and this area is also a beautiful home of so many festivals that held up throughout the year.

Eureka Tower

This tower is named in the recognition of The Eureka Stockade, who was the 1854 rebellion of prospectors in the Victorian goldfields. The most fascinating point of the tower is that that this tower stands 91 stories above the ground. The skyscraper's gold crown and also the gold-plated windows, simply makes this tower look beautiful and literally sparkling, when the sunbeam reaches the building.
So, this is it. Next time I will be back with some more places and you will love to visit those places as well.

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