Monday, 22 August 2016

How Email Marketing Roles in Real Estate

Email marketing is one of the best ways to boost your brand campaign and secure new business. Even if your lead list is little, sending emails can bring huge returns. If you want to get leads traffic to your site, reading your blogs, and conversing with you, you are hard-pressed to find another real estate marketing strategy that is as effective.

5 kinds of emails you need to deliver to your leads-

·       Newsletter –The purpose of a newsletter is to share recent updates and news with your prospects, like your opinion on the latest housing data and remain top of mind with them.

·       Digests - Digest focus on sharing the most important and relevant links in a quicker and little more digestible manner.

·       Promotional emails - Other types of email can be used to nourish leads through the sales channel, like promotional emails. For example, if you have a local market report that sellers and buyers will find helpful with their property making a decision, offer it to them through email.

·       Special emails - Even if it is not closely related to your business, you can still take advantage of the popularity of a social trend or special day. For example a major event, a holiday-themed message, or comment on a latest social trend.

·       Transactional emails - This email is unforeseen upon sending the ones above. For instance, if a lead registers for your newsletters to take an action on your website, or requests information of some sort, send him a transactional email. Show your prospect you appreciate his engagement.

The key to email marketing to bring in potential leads lies in learning the strategies and basic types you require to send your real estate leads.

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