Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Sydney Night-Time Proposal

The so-called “small-bars” in Sydney are not too far from getting bigger. As per the new the proposal that is sure to enliven the night-time in the city, the state government may come up with something good for these bars. In a review submission by the state government for liquor laws in small bars, the occupancy of these bars is being pushed to double. Moreover, attempts are also being made to increase the hours from midnight to 2 am. The motivation behind this is to stimulate more contribution from these bars to comprise in what is called the “night-time economy” by increasing their number. More bars offering more live music means more money.

As per the current scenario, the live music, and performances in these small bars has been a challenge, especially when it comes to licensing and late night upper limits. Another addition that is being enthusiastically considered for the new law is to expand the allowable number of people in these bars.

A very few number of total bars in the city have the small bar license. In fact, the small venues are opting for restaurants or as far as general bars to run. All this and other considerations on the bar laws as well as the liquor laws are expected to be considered in the council elections that will be held next month. In fact, it is believed that low-cost small bar license of 2013 has helped to reduce alcohol-related violence and other anti -social elements increasing the investment in the smaller bars.

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