Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Buying a Property: 3 Mistakes You’d Like to Avoid

Buying a home is a great decision that not only needs a lot of money but a lot and lots of thinking. Here are a few points to be aware of before saying yes for a property:

Pay the Down payment

The seller might offer you a low to no down payment for the property which might come as good news to you until you know what’s actually coming. Low down payment means you need to pay for what is called the Private Mortgage Insurance. And added to your monthly payment, this might get really heavy on your wallet.

Explore Mortgage Types

A standard 30-year fixed rate mortgage seems to be light on your account balance but due to the low monthly payment you need to make. But considering that you need to make that payment for a long time tells you that you’re going to pay a lot of unnecessary money that you could’ve avoided by opting for a shorter term yet affordable plan that would cost you less in the long run. For e.g. a 15-year mortgage instead of the 30 years one might be a good option.

MoreAbout Mortgage Options

Choosing the first option that comes to you isn’t a smart move. In fact, exploring a bit on mortgages will let you know about more suitable plans that include lower interest rates. Based on your constraints and requirements you might find a convenient mortgage from a surprisingly large range.

Thus, overlooking small yet considerable mistakes might end you up in a bad deal. For more information, keep visiting Steve Macaw’s Blog

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